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The emergency department was established since the establishment of Royal Care International Hospital where the department was equipped with all the vital support systems for the patient and in emergency cases from the first minutes of the condition until the stability of the patient And then transfer the patient to the doctor concerned with the situation.

The department has a number of qualified staff to work in emergencies according to the most accurate work systems with a qualified nursing staff trained to receive emergency cases.

The section has two ambulances equipped with the latest intensive care and dealing with critical cases of injuries, accidents and heart failure with the assurance of his patient facilities to the highest qualified staff and nursing staff.

The emergency department is connected to all sections of the hospital by wire and not by wire ‘. Also, the section is connected to the laboratory by sending sampling of the patient by device and the network system to receive the results of samples.

The department comprises five main departments representing emergency departments and they are:

Department of Critical Conditions and Recovery

The section contains all the vital support and monitoring of vital functions and recovery devices with the latest technologies also contains the devices for the renunciation of the work of cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation when necessary.

Department of middle cases

The section is located in the yellow section in terms of priority sequence of critical situations. Where the section includes separate beds and equipped with the latest technology for follow-up patients in the first hours since their arrival to emergency until the conversion by priority of the transfer into the hospital departments or in the case of stability goes to the Outpatient Clinics.

Department of Asthma

The department is equipped with the latest equipment for the treatment of asthma cases of different types and causes and severity ‘from simple asthma to artificial respiration.

Children Emergency Section

The department is equipped with all the first support equipment for life and follow up the cases of the next accidents and transferred to the outpatient clinics or transferred to other hospitals.

Department of cold cases

The department is designed to receive patients for monthly follow-up such as stress and diabetes, there is a family doctor that is qualified to receive cases that are less serious than cases of red rectangle.